About us

Mezumetal is an Indonesian company specializing in metal treatments. Our expertise and experience has led us to innovation in the technology of coated steel especially for galvalume and galvanized processing.

With the increasing growth of the coated steel industry in Indonesia (major in galvalume and galvanize), we strive to accommodate the need of the specialty chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process of galvalume and galvanized steel.

We are also focused in developing various products such as cleaners, surfactants, passivations and anti-fingerprint or thin organic coating.

We formulate the products thru custom-made requirements based on customer’s equipment conditions. This is to ensure we can deliver quality products required.

Our goal is to ensure the best quality result for our customer.

To meet this goal, we have listed the chemicals as follows:

  • Freerust Series : Thin organic coating for galvalume process
  • Freeclean Series : Cleaners and Surface Active Agents
  • Freefoam Series : Defoamers
  • Freebond Series : Adhesives for metal coating

We work together with multinational companies as our suppliers, this to ensure the quality of our raw materials. Excellent production and lab facilities are also provided to support the quality of our products. Our Manufacturing facility are certified with ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 14001 : 2004 and OHSAS 18001 : 2007.

We are the leading local company in Indonesia especially as anti- fingerprint or thin organic coating supplier. We have best quality products of chrome-based thin organic coating, chrome-free thin organic coating resin and multicolor thin organic coating.